Connecting Vancouver Island to the rest of BC

Our business is built around providing trucking and logistics services suited for the irregular and extra heavy loads.

Our fleet of Peterbilt 389’s are ready to serve you.

Our lowbeds, as the name suggests, sit low to the ground and allow for easy loading and unloading of heavy or large items.

Also sometimes referred to as “Landoll’s”, our 53ft sliding tilt decks are equipped with winches. This additional feature allows us the ability to help you relocate materials and equipment that may otherwise be immobile.

Available in 9ft or 10ft deck width.

Our 2024 Peterbilt 548s are equipped with roll back flat beds, winches and wheel lifts.

They are ready to come to your aid whether you are stuck, broke down or bought a new project that needs to be carried home.

Sea Cans are ever increasing in popularity. Let us help you move yours!

We are capable of moving 2 standard 20ft sea cans on one of our trailers. Or, we can move them one at a time with our Peterbilt 548’s.

The mobility of the Peterbilt 548’s allow for us to place your sea can with more precision, right where you want it.

Frequently asked questions

Keep checking back as this page will continue to evolve to address the most common concerns and questions from our followers

What are Hot-Shot services?

Hot-Shot service is best for LTL, short distance, and/or easily accessible locations. 

Think of this like a cab service for your items. We pick them up, and prioritize their delivery to meet time sensitive schedules.

I am not familiar with Back-Haul services, what is it?

Thanks for asking! Back-Haul is a commonly used term to describe transporting an item while the transporter is on its way back to its origin.

In simple terms, instead of going home empty, a transporter will carry something back with them.

Back-Haul loads, though important, are not considered time sensitive. When you choose Back-haul service, we will schedule the pick-up of your item the next time a Load Eye truck or partner is in your area.

When will the Load Eye services be launched?

We are currently in the stress testing phase of our development. We have an optimistic launch date for March 2024.

If I choose Standard services, will it take long to receive?

We understand why you would think Standard service is slow. It appears that the industry standard for Standard delivery service is; “It will get there when it gets there”.

Load Eye treats Standard service more like “ride-sharing”. Your items will be put on a truck with other items going to a similar location. Standard is still fairly quick, but not prioritized.

I am a Transporter, and I think you guys are just trying to take the work away from me!!!

The owner of Load Eye, Bill Robinson, would like to apologize for making you feel that way.

It was never Bill’s intention to have Load Eye become another shipping service. Load Eye’s goal and mission is to help transporters stay loaded, maximize their revenue, all from the comfort of their trucks.

When fully launched, Load Eye will be a web based service that will produce opportunities that you may have been missing out on.