Load Eye Logistics - Terms and Conditions

Accepting our quotation and having a truck dispatched is to be considered binding acceptance and understanding of 1096640 BC LTD. dba Load Eye Logistics’ (shall be referred to as Load Eye throughout this document) terms and conditions herein:



  • These terms and conditions are to be considered valid upon receipt by the Client, unless there is another agreement in place in which, the terms of that Agreement shall govern to the extent of any such inconsistency.
  • Quotations provided by Load Eye, or its partners, are valid for 30 days from the date submitted, after which new pricing must be provided.
  • Load Eye shall be entitled at any time prior to shipping to adjust pricing as a direct result of variations in currency exchange rates, fuel costs/surcharge, and any other relevant expense outside of Load Eye’s control.
  • Pricing is based on the dimensions and weight provided by the Client at the time of quotation. Any changes to the dimensions and/or load at the time of transport will void the rate quote and may be subject to increased charges.
  • Pricing is based on the equipment available and is subject to road conditions, construction, and weather.


  • Unless otherwise expressed, pricing is quoted in Canadian funds.
  • When applicable, carbon and sales tax will be added as an additional charge to the quotation provided.
  • Quotations are based on efficient transit times and are subject to delay charges if the trucks are held up as per the Client’s request.
  • Pricing includes 1.5 hours for pickup and 1.5 hours for drop off/unload unless stated otherwise. Additional time may be charged if these times are exceeded. 
  • The Client is responsible for providing dunnage, should it be required. Dunnage is available from Load Eye upon request and supplied at a rate of cost plus 15%.
  • Rates are inclusive of pilot cars and permits, assuming the Client has provided correct dimensions. Unless otherwise stated in the quotation.
  • Extra requirements by provinces, towns/rural municipalities or cities including third-party charges such as Police, additional Civilian Pilot Cars in lieu of Police Escorts, Hydro, Bucket Trucks, Route Surveys, Traffic Signal Turning, and Railway Crossings will be charged out at cost plus 15%.
  • Estimated pricing for extraordinary loads is based on an obvious route. Quotation may change at the time of shipment due to actual extraordinary load routing.
  • Pricing is quoted for paved roads only. Shipments that require truck travel off paved roads, private roads, or roads requiring chains maybe subject to additional charges.
  • Tarping is available for an additional fee.
  • No form of bond is included in the quoted rate.  
  • Project Managers are available at an additional fee.
  • Unless stated otherwise – Estimates of third-party costs (if provided) are for budgetary use only and subject to change at the time of shipping.


  • Load Eye may contract one or more third-party certified carriers that we regularly work with, unless governed by a previously executed Agreement.
  • Load Eye will make every effort to meet or beat the requested pick-up and delivery schedules, however, estimated pickup and delivery times cannot be guaranteed.
  • In no case shall Load Eye be liable for consequential, special, or indirect losses or damages whether for late pickup/delivery, delay, or otherwise.


  • If hazardous material is required to be moved, Load Eye must be made aware with a minimum of 3 days advance notice and the shipment must be properly identified.  Additional fees will be discussed and agreed too prior to moving the shipment.
  • Load Eye shall not be liable for any delays or failures in performance resulting from acts beyond its reasonable control including, without limitation, acts of God, criminal acts, breakdowns or malfunctions, labor difficulties, civil unrest, or un-navigable weather conditions.
  • Load Eye shall not be held responsible for products shipped that have been damaged or are prone to damage by reason of insufficient packaging or protection.
  • Load Eye is not responsible for cranes and/or equipment to load and unload freight – unless the cost is approved in advance by the Client.
  • Liability for cargo loss or damage arising from services that involve an origin point in Canada shall be governed by the uniform Conditions of Carriage and Limitations of Liability.
  • Liability for cargo loss or damage arising from services that involve an origin point in the USA be governed by 49 U.S.C 14706 and 49 C.F.R part 370 (the “Carmack Amendment”).
  • Load Eye maintains comprehensive vehicle liability insurance. For shipments with cargo value exceeding our coverage, additional insurance must be purchased by the Client and/or will be charged back to the Client at cost plus 15%.


  • Commencement of shipment is subject to prior credit approval or pre-payment.

Standard payment terms are net 30 days from receipt of invoice. In the event of a late payment, a finance charge of 3% per month may occur.